If your company is not paying for your enrollment, we require a minimum of $150 deposit at the first class for Black Seal students, a $200 deposit for Blue and Red Seal students, and a $500 deposit for Gold Seal students.

Methods of payment are check, money order, debit/credit card, or cash. If you are using a credit card (not debit), payment is due in full at the first class. Checks should be made payable to: The Training Center. The remaining balance must be paid by class three.

If your company pays us directly, you can bring a purchase order number (PO #), company credit card, or company check to class one.

If you are not paid in full by class three, you will not be able to test in the current semester. After that, if payment is received, you may test in the following semester.

Deposits and/or full payments made prior to 2008 will not be honored without proof of payment.


There are no refunds if you begin the second class.

Deposits may be transferred to a future semester upon staff approval.


Applications are to be submitted to our staff with a management endorsement in Section C by class three. If your application is not submitted to our staff by class three in perfect condition, you will test the following semester.

Head custodians and representatives from outsourced companies are not acceptable under Section C.


The Online Study Center is required to be completed by all Boiler and Refrigeration students. The Low Pressure Online Study Center Program is not mandatory. If a student fails his/her exam and has not completed the Online Study Center assignments, our “Guaranteed Education” offer is VOID and the student must pay $100 for re-registration of the Online Study Center.

GUaranteed education

Our education is guaranteed. If any of our students should fail the New Jersey state exam, he/she is welcome to join that class in a future semester free of charge. 

Students are responsible for any state fees, i.e. application fee, after failing the state exam twice.

This offer is VOID if the failing student has not contacted our staff within one year after the original date of failure.

This offer is VOID if the failing student has an unsatisfactory attendance, as deemed by our staff.

This offer is VOID if the failing student has not completed the Online Study Center assignments that corresponds with their class.