The Externship Program Overview

The flagship program of our school, The Externship Program provides the ultimate starting point for those looking to start a career in the plant operations industry. This unique and advanced course provides the combination of advanced classroom training with actual real-world working experience at the same time. The program is designed to establish professional fundamentals using habit-forming on-the-job training. We cover all the best practices for a successful plant professional with a NJ Black Seal High Pressure license and career placement support.


No experience around a boiler is required to enroll in this program. This is because students or "Externs" will receive their experience during the program by completing 120 hours of hands-on (on-site) experience working under the direction of our operations team at various high pressure steam or thermal plants. The passing of a very basic general aptitude exam is required prior to enrollment.

How This Works


From your first class in your externship program, you’ll start developing the professional, technical, and personal skills needed for the industry. You’ll learn the fundamentals of being a great operator and industry professional. Your basic working habits and professional profile is the perfect starting point and from there we will discover the various technical aspects of a typical boiler plant and it’s related systems. These 10 dynamic classes will translate into practical, real-world skills to get your career underway. 


We know that adults are most effectively trained when things can be applied immediately applied in a hands-on environment. Trainees will apply the lessons in class to a real-world plant, training under licensed operators. The state requires 120 hours of work experience in a high pressure boiler plant before taking the state exam. Here you’ll put some of the practical skills learned in your classes to use in a real high pressure system. A combination of learning and performance activities are completed and organized by the end of the program. 



In the last stage of the Externship Program, you will begin preparing for the New Jersey State Black Seal High Pressure exam. The Black Seal prep classes towards the end of your classroom schedule, will cover the various subjects that will be on the state exam. Students will have access to an Online Study Center, which aids in learning the materials as effectively as possible. Flash cards, practice quizzes, and instructor guidance will provide you everything you need to pass the test.

Black Seal High Pressure PROGRAM OVERVIEW

This program is included with your Externship enrollment is is to be completed after the 6 Externship Classes. Your state test consists of a 50 question multiple-choice test and the passing score is 66%.

The Course

The course consists of ten classes. They last approximately 2.5-hours each, all at our Kenilworth (north) and Cherry Hill (south) locations. This training includes the fundamentals and best practices needed to be successful in the real-world and then also prepares you for the NJ Black Seal High Pressure state exam. This is the flagship program of The Training Center Institute and is the ultimate break-in program to build a successful career in this industry.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to give you a complete education that brings together hands-on experience, traditional classroom learning, and industry-specific career development throughout your education. That unique combination will allow you to gain the knowledge and tools you’ll need to succeed in this industry. Our customized lessons are a key part of that philosophy. These dynamic presentations cut the fat out of traditional industry readings, focusing on the skills and best practices for operators wanting a real career.


The Externship Program will have an application/admission process in which potential students who wish to join the program must apply through an aptitude test and an interview process. The reason for this is to ensure potential students are fit to work in this operational landscape are will thrive under our training. It is our intention to maintain a high standard for graduates of this program.


$4000  Note: Tuition Financing Available