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Explore our Externship Program, the flagship course of The Training Center Institute.

Hands-on experience + advanced classroom training to launch a career, not just a job.

CITY OF Philadelphia ENGINEER Licenses

Finally! A school offers a program, specifically developed to assist students in preparing for engineering grades A, B, C, and D licenses for the city of Philadelphia.

These licenses are required of anyone operating or maintaining any steam boiler, steam engine, or refrigeration machinery. Applications are submitted to the city of Philadelphia Department of licenses and inspections municipal service building. Learn more.

Hands-On Training


Getting licensed is a necessary part of boiler operation. But there is something to be said about learning in a practical hands-on way. We offer customized training packages to include actual hands-on training on top of the license prep training. For facilities management looking for the complete training solution with an emphasis on safety, this is your solution. Inquire Now