CPO Seminar Dates:

May 10, 2019  @ Kenilworth Location     

TBD (May 6th was cancelled)  @ Bordentown Location  

CPO Training Summary:

Each student receives 16 hours of instruction by a Certified Instructor, who is trained to communicate the basic skills necessary to operate a pool or spa facility. 

The course is intensive and covers pool and spa chemistry, testing, treatment, filtration, maintenance, automatic feeding equipment, government requirements, etc.  

The Certification is for a minimum of 5 years at which time a refresher course and/or an examination must be passed. The course includes all the study material, examination, and results. We will come to your site and training if you have more than eight students enrolled.

  • The course is a proven educational tool.

  • Local and state authorities require CPO operators at all public swimming pools

  • It covers all topics necessary for pool operators including a section for local and state codes.

  • It provides 16 hours of uniform instruction.

  • A text is provided is also used as a reference book.

  • CPO's are recognized Nationally and Internationally. .

The CPO Textbook: 

The text for the course is Pool/Spa Operators Handbook, an invaluable resource and reference for the novice and the professional who must trouble-shoot on a broad spectrum of functional problems. In short, every pool operator should have one. 

Subject matter includes chemistry, filtration, recirculation, all types of pool equipment, preventive maintenance, seasonal care, storage and handling, safety, energy use and conservation and much, much more. All topics are written by experts in their specialties and the course is thoroughly "field tested." 

Don't forget to renew every five years.

Any former boiler or refrigeration student receives a discount. Call for details.


$350 ($250 for Previous Students)