Are there any requirements for getting a license or taking any program?

Anybody can take a program with the training center, however there are license requirements that must be met before one can get a license. A student would need to be working in a plant that has a boiler that is over 100 hp for a period of at least 90 days.

If a person is working in a dry cleaning facility or on a boiler that is considered to be special

(a boiler that is less than 100 hp but greater than 6 hp) that person would also need 90 days experience. In the state of New Jersey the various seals (black, blue, red, and gold) require horsepower and operation requirements. Please refer to New Jersey state requirements for more information.

How do I sign up for a program?

You can register online here, or call 1-800-392-3927 and our staff will assist you.

What endorsements are needed to get a license application processed?

For low-pressure licenses a management endorsement is needed on a New Jersey state application. This person can not be at a custodian and the person does not have to possess a New Jersey state license. For high-pressure licenses, a management horseman is needed and if the boiler is over 500 hp, to engineers of a blue, red, or gold seal, must also sign the application.

How do you renew a license?

The state renewal form can be found here. All licenses must be renewed within either one or three years. The cost renewal is $40 for one year and $80 for three. You need to take the little ID card that comes with your license mail this card along with a check for the renewal fee payable to the state of New Jersey. The mailing addresses is on your ID card. Be sure to make a copy of your check for your records.

Note: An online portal will be available soon so this can all be processed online.

What information should I bring to class at me the first day?

We will need information about yourself: SS number, telephone number, home address, etc. We also need to know the place where you work and what boiler information to put on your state application. We ask students to bring a copy of a certificate of inspection which is located in your boiler room, usually framed in glass on the wall.