Gold Seal Engineer 1-A Overview:

The Gold Seal license is required for boilers over 3,000 hp and greater than 15 pounds pressure steam. If it's a hot water heating system the boilers must be over 160 psi with a water temperature over 250° F. A plant that generates electricity, with a prime mover rated over 500 hp, requires a gold seal.


Possess a red seal boiler engineer license for a period of at least 2 years, or 1 year as a chief of a plant, and show experience on equipment that is over 3,000 hp. Equipment must be high-pressure boiler equipment, which means the boilers must be over 15 psi for steam and over 160 PSI for hot water. A prime mover over 500 hp requires a gold seal. A Prerequisite to this program: Students must have completed The Training Center Blue Seal Steam program 031 – 034 and Red Seal Steam 041 -044. See NJ code for Gold Seal (12:90-8.12)


The application will require management endorsement, along with two engineer endorsements. (personnel who have a blue red or gold seal license). Out-of-state and Navy personnel applications must be approved on a case-by-case situation.

Application and Test:

Your application will require all your boiler information, which can be found on boiler state inspection certificates located in your boiler room framed behind glass. Your test consists of a 50 question multiple-choice tests the  passing score is 80%.

The Course:

The course consists of eight, 2-hour training sessions at one of our locations. The course also consists of a mandatory online study program, a great resource for registered students to prepare for the exam. The program covers: rules or regulations of the state of New Jersey; boiler plant auxiliaries; boiler fundamentals; theory; math equations and how they apply to the boiler plant; testing; ASME codes; engineering basics; chemistry; boiler systems; boiler auxiliaries; steam tables; turbines and other prime movers; electricity;  power distribution; power plant fundamentals. Courses are held twice a year, provided we have it least seven students enrolled. The locations of this course are held in Kenilworth and Bordentown.