Black Seal, Low-Pressure Boiler Operator Overview:

The Black Seal, low-pressure license is required for boilers over 100 hp and less than 15 pounds pressure steam. If it's a hot water heating system, the boilers can be 160 pounds per square inch with a water temperature of 250° Fahrenheit. Typically, these boilers are found in schools, churches, warehouses, and apartment buildings serving heating plants.


90 days experience in a place that has a boiler that's over 100 hp or has over 4 million BTU's, with a pressure no greater than 15 psi for steam and no greater than 160 PSI if it's a hot water system. If you're from out of state and work with a boiler that's over 100 hp or 4 million BTU's, you can qualify, provided that we can show your experience in the form of endorsement letters, which we can provide you. See NJ code for Black Seal LP (12:90-8.5).


Provide an endorsement from a manager from your place of employment for your application. Provide our school with state inspection certificates. These certificates can be found hanging in your boiler room framed behind glass. They contain all the information that we need to properly fill out your application.

Application and Test:

The state application fee is $100 and it's included in our course fee. Your test consists of a 50 question multiple-choice test and the passing score is 66%.

The Course:

This course consists of four, 2-hour lessons. It covers: boilers construction; rules and regulations; boiler systems; safe and proper operation. We provide the student with a study guide and method of training to prepare themselves to pass a New Jersey state test. Our school will process your application and provide you with a New Jersey state test site. We guarantee your education, meaning that if you do not pass the test you can come back to our school at no additional cost. The requirement is to register online or by phone, show up to our location with a $150 deposit.