Blue Seal Refrigeration Engineer 2-C Overview:

The Blue Seal license is required for refrigeration systems that are flammable, highly toxic or toxic refrigeration plants.  The plant must have over 24 tons and up to 65 tons of the toxin refrigerant. A nontoxic refrigeration unit of the least 250 tons capacity can also qualify for this license. This license covers class 2 refrigerants.


You must have 6  months experience of a flammable, a highly toxic or toxic refrigeration system.  The equipment must have 24 tons and up to 65 tons of a toxin refrigerant. Also six months experience as an operator of a non-toxic refrigeration unit(s) of at lease 250 tons capacity can qualify.


The application will require management endorsement, along with two engineer endorsements (personnel who have a blue red or goals seal license).  Engineer endorsements are not needed for non-toxic equipment.

Application and Test:

Your application will require all your refrigeration information, which can be found on refrigeration state inspection certificates located in your plant framed behind glass.

Your test consists of a 50 question multiple-choice tests the  passing score is 70%.

The Course:

The course consists of four, 2-hour training sessions at one of our locations. The course covers: refrigeration systems; refrigeration theory; and operation. The program is held at only two locations. Kenilworth and Bordentown, New Jersey.