City of Philadelphia Engineer - Grade C Overview:

The engineering grade C exam covers the operation, maintenance, repair, inspection, testing and overall of steam and hot water boilers, steam driven equipment, internal combustion engines, fuel supply and storage systems and codes, laws and rules.  It includes all associated mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical control systems, pumps, water treatment, piping of steam and hot water sysytems and safety devices used to maintain and safely operate all the above equipment. It covers work on steam boilers operator pressures at or above 15 psi steam and driven by motors rated at over 30 hp and hot water boilers operating at pressures above 160 PSI and/or temperatures above 250F. It does not cover work on residential buildings, federal government projects or for utility operations.

Students will be taking a 100 question test. You are allotted three hours of time and you are allowed to use reference books. A score of 70% is required to pass this past.

The Course:

The course consists of 4, 2-hour training sessions at one of our locations.

The Program Covers: 

  • The application process

  • Boiler types accessories and fittings

  • Fuels, fuel piping, storage and firing methods

  • Boiler startup and operation

  • Boiler maintenance

  • Internal combustion engines

  • Codes and laws; the basics

  • Controls and control systems

  • Use of reference materials

  • Reference materials needed for testing