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B103 South: Fuel & Combustion

  • Ramada Inn - Bordetnown 1083 Route 206 N Bordentown, NJ USA (map)

Lesson Overview:

With a general understanding of how a boiler works, we now learn the fundamentals of burning fuel for combustion in our boiler. It starts with breaking down the different types of fuels being used in various plants and their specific characteristics. Using dynamic animations, your instructor will build a fuel-oil and a natural gas system as it comes into the plant and to the boiler’s burner. Combustion fundamentals are discussed with a focus on boiler combustion theory. The equipment, valves, and fittings involved in the fuel and combustion process are broken down for easy understanding. 

We’ll learn the importance of controlling the fuel-to-air ratio in the combustion process in order to maintain complete combustion. If we had incomplete combustion in our plant, students will know the signs and how to correct the issue. The final topic of the course walks students through the sequence of operation, or starting-up of the boiler properly as an operator. We’ll cover the permissives and steps involved in this process and what to look for if we have failures or alarms during this process. After this course, students now have an understanding of boiler fundamentals along with fuel systems and boiler combustion.


  •  Review

  • Fuel Types

  • Fuel Oil 

  • Fuel Oil Types

  • Fuel Oil Components

  • Fuel Oil System Overview

  • Natural Gas

  • Natural Gas Components

  • Natural Gas System Overview

  • Combustion Theory

  • Boiler Combustion

  • Combustion Equipment

  • Fuel/Air Ratio

  • The Burner

  • Complete Combustion

  • Incomplete Combustion

  • Sequence of Operation  
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