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B105 North: Troubleshooting & Lockout/Tagout

  • Kenilworth Location 131 S 31st St Kenilworth, NJ, 07033 United States (map)


While normal operating conditions in a plant can be rather smooth and stress-free, problems do occur. The question is, how will you handle it? A very deliberate, obvious gauge on a great power plant employee is how he or she performs their duties during problems with the system. Multi-million dollar power plants are wise to staff themselves and rely on people of specific characteristics, which we will discuss. Successful problem solving, or troubleshooting, depends on logic and knowledge. We cover the various types of learning that contributes to our troubleshooting skills and then introduce a 7-step process, or flowchart, that we can apply to a broad class of problems. By the end of this class, students will immediately be able to apply these frameworks and strategies to everyday problems. 

Power plants require energy control programs, also known as lockout/tagout (LOTO). We teach you the basic principles of hazardous energy control and introduce you to an actual lockout/tagout procedure. With knowledge of the procedure, students will actually perform a lockout/tagout at B106: Invivotech Hands-On Workshop.


  • Review

  • Intro to Problem Solving
  • Common Problems in the Plant
  • Troubleshooting Logic
  • Troubleshooting Methodology
  • 7-Step Process
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Simulation
  • Troubleshooting Safety
  • Hazardous Energy Control
  • Intro to Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
  • Hazardous Energy Types
  • LOTO Terminology
  • LOTO Procedure
  • LOTO Permits
  • Q & A